Samsung D800 - Worthy Heir To A Glorious Past

By Adam Jaylin
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Samsung D800 is the latest slider phone on the block. Coming from the house of international electronic giants Samsung, D800 simply redefines the term class. The glossy black surface of my handset is textured with Magnesium and the edges are coated with chrome. The moment I laid my hands on it, I knew that I'm not going to let this go handset go until and unless something rally tempting comes up my alley!

Samsung D840 - The Rising Force

By Elizabeth Wills
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Dishing out the answer to Nokia's famed N series mobile phones, South Korean manufacturer Samsung is quite confident of the heights of popularity that its D series phones would touch. The D series range of mobile phones embellish both grace and performance to its best to attract the new breed of phone users. As a testimony to the confidence of the electronics leader, the Samsung D840 displays all the awe inspiring abilities that the D series propounds.

Samsung D900 - Mid-Range Phone With High-Profile Features

By Raina Kelsey
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Searching for a special gift for someone special on this Valentine day? Well, to speak with your loved ones, a mobile phone could be the best gift; to share your jolly moments, even when you are not together. From a wide range of mobile phones from Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson or LG, you can choose anyone to gift your loved ones. To feel the obsession of style and performance with multimedia functions, high-end connectivity and intuitive designing, the Samsung D900 would be considered as the best pick.

Samsung D900 - The Slim Slider

By Adam Caitlin
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A name to reckon with, Samsung D900 is one of the slimmest phone is the market. The mobile evinces technological prowess in many respect, but what make it a 'talked about' phone, is its imaging capacity. Samsung D900 is a slider phone, and one that takes care of all the contemporary requirements of a wholesome mobile experience.

Samsung E870 - The Power Of Simplicity

By Alice Erin
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Pure is the word you'd like to use to describe the Samsung E870. A simple clamshell, smooth edges and a clean finish well complimented by soothing colour - the Samsung e870 comes in as a gush of fresh wind. The simplicity of the phone can also be seen in its user interface. For a phone packed with so many features, the Samsung E870 is quite user friendly.

Samsung Tocco Lite - Bargain Basement Brilliance!

By Jovana Duhaylungsod
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Introduced specifically to tackle the best selling LG Cookie, the Samsung Tocco Lite is a superbly equipped smartphone that comes at a stunning price. Identical in size and very similar in specification to its rival, the Tocco Lite is very much one for the shortlist and is highly recommended by many reviewers.

Samsung U Series- Technologically Advanced Handsets

By Andrena Markley
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The sleek and portable mobile phones help you stay connected to the world, making communication easier than ever. Samsung, a renowned mobile manufacturer, has consistently delivered the best to the mobile industry. Samsung is a known for its striking looks and impeccable slider designs. They are a boon to the communications industry with high connectivity and entertainment options. The latest Samsung handsets with advanced features and functionalities add on to the technological revolution. The recently launched Samsung U series have gained huge popularity among the mobile phone lovers.

Samsung U600 - A Slim and Sexy Mobile Phone

By Austin David
Tags:mobile samsung,mobile samsungSamsung U600,Samsung U600mobile samsung mobile samsung
The Samsung Company has launched its U600 model in the world of mobile. It has 10.9 mm depth and unbelievable 81 gram weight; it has touched hearts of many who goes by slim, trendy features. The handset belongs to Samsung's Ultra Edition Range II, and effectively caters to the contemporary requirements.

Samsung U600 - Class and Sophistication

By Alden Jerry
Tags:mobile samsung,mobile samsungSamsung U600,Samsung U600mobile samsung mobile samsung
Samsung U600 is part of the Ultra Edition line of Samsung mobiles. The handset, also known as Ultra Edition 10.9; satisfies almost all of the desires and wishes of any discerning mobile connoisseur. This wonderful and innovative handset has a slide open design; and its hi-tech features and functionalities is making the handset a favourite amongst mobile phone users throughout the world. A fun handset to own, it is making its presence felt and is already leading the latest pack of mobile phones in the world market.

Samsung U600 - The Slim Revolution

By Deshawn Jon
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Producing slim and smart sliders has been Samsung's prerogative for a long time. The company has been known to offer some of the slimmest sliders to the world market time and again. The leader is at it again and its latest offering is the Samsung U600. This sexy slider is a member of the Samsung Ultra Edition II range and comes with an attractive metal etched keypad. This handset with a shiny casing is available in many a hues, including sapphire blue, garnet red, platinum metal & copper gold.

This elegant and sophisticated handset comes with a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera. The camera feature comes complete with auto focus feature, as well as all the other features that a stand alone digital camera would boast of. The 2.2 inch LCD colour screen of Samsung U600 also acts as a viewfinder for the camera. The 60 Mbytes of built in memory let's you store all the pictures and videos that you click through the handset.

This handset by Samsung comes with an expandable memory option that supports a MicroSD(TM) type memory card. From Bluetooth to EDGE and from GPRS to USB, the connectivity options too are available in abundance. The Samsung U600 Ultra Edition works over a quad band network that allows you to roam around the world and still stay connected with the ones who matter.

The integrated music player in the U600 plays all popular music formats. The sound quality is amazing and provides you with a musical experience that is unprecedented. The XHTML Internet experience is another thing which adds value to this wonderful handset. The popularity and success of Samsung U600 rests on many attributes, the exquisite looks and features being only a couple of them.

Samsung U600 - Ultra Slim Mobile With Multimedia Capabilities

By Alice Erin
Tags:mobile samsung,mobile samsungSamsung U600,Samsung U600mobile samsung mobile samsung
Samsung U600 is a mobile phone from the Ultra Edition line of Samsung mobiles. The handset is also known as Samsung Ultra Edition 10.9; it is at the moment satisfying quite a lot of inherent desires of a typical mobile phone user. This innovative handset comes in a slide open design; and its advanced features and sophisticated capabilities is making the handset quite popular among mobile phone users in different parts of the globe. A fun handset to own and acquire, the mobile phone is making its presence felt in the mobile telecommunications domain.

Samsung U600 and Nokia N95 - High-End Features With Innovative Designs

By Morton Devi
Tags:mobile samsung,mobile samsungSamsung U600,Samsung U600mobile samsung mobile samsung
Samsung has come up with its new line up of handsets featuring enhanced functions fulfilling all your expectations. Samsung U600 brings elegant, stylish and sophisticated mobile phones in the world of communication. The two leading players in the mobile industry, Nokia and Samsung has launched some innovative products for different classes of people. Here we are going to discuss the style icons, Samsung U600 and Nokia N95 creating a sensation in the mobile phone market.

Samsung U600 is Always a Perfect Choice

By Alice Erin
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The mobile phone comes with a built in 3.2 megapixel digital camera feature that helps the user in taking still photos and video recordings at any time. It is possible for the user to capture his precious moments with perfect and excellent quality with this high resolution camera. The camera feature includes an auto focus feature making it a stylish and desirable mobile handset. It is possible for the user to capture, store and share the memories on the Samsung U600 mobile handset.

Samsung U600 Silver Mobile Phone - A Perfect Handset to Own

By Alden Jerry
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Samsung mobile phones are one of the most trusted brands for their performance, features and looks. These days, the demands of people have increased specially for mobile phones. They wish to have the latest phones with all the latest features. The ultra slim phone which is very much in demand now days is Samsung U600. Samsung has taken one step further by launching the enticing and attractive, Samsung U600Silver.

Samsung U700 - Bringing Life to Magnificence

By Adam Caitlin
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Samsung is progressing leaps and bounds in the mobile market. Each of their mobile pieces is equally nice-looking and charming. However, their Ultra Edition has created a phenomenon of Ultra-Slim and superb gadgets. The latest model from Samsung Ultra Edition is the Samsung U700. The U700 is a dramatically appealing phone that serves a strong vision and clarity of functions. The Samsung U700 is a 3G ready Tri-Band GSM device that is jeweled with a bright QVGA TFT screen to dazzle your mind. The display has a resolution of 240x320 pixels and it is 2.2-inch large. For the first time, any handset is showing the support for 72 Channel Polyphonic Ringtones, this feature enhances the audibility of the Ringtones in crowded areas also. The phone also utilizes MP3 music for its ringtones.

Samsung U900 Soul - A Device That Connects Harmoniously

By Samuel Herrick
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The Samsung U900 soul is known for its music playing capability. This mobile has extraordinary features that enable people to use it for entertainment as well as connectivity reasons. The handset functions on 2G and 3 G networks. The users find these networks very useful for they bring the latest facilities to users. This gadget is capable of making use of GSM network and so people can stay connected with it from any place of the world.

Samsung U900 Soul - An Excellent Ultra-Stylish Mobile Phone

By Adam Caitlin
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In this modern mobile market, only a few manufacturers are recognised as one of the best companies by mobile lovers for providing the most innovative mobile phones. These companies are competing with each other to provide the latest technology mobile phones at an affordable price to attract their users. The mobile users are getting benefited with this cut throat competition among these companies. Among these manufacturers, Samsung, one of the leading mobile manufacture companies is popularised for its smart, bright, advanced technology and high quality music mobile phones. It is known as the best manufacturer for ultra sleek mobile phones and has been able to create a new era in the world of ultra mobile phones.