Samsung U600 is Always a Perfect Choice

By Alice Erin
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The mobile phone comes with a built in 3.2 megapixel digital camera feature that helps the user in taking still photos and video recordings at any time. It is possible for the user to capture his precious moments with perfect and excellent quality with this high resolution camera. The camera feature includes an auto focus feature making it a stylish and desirable mobile handset. It is possible for the user to capture, store and share the memories on the Samsung U600 mobile handset.

The mobile handset has a built in memory of 60 Mbytes which allows the user to save the information instantly. The Samsung U600 Ultra Edition 10.9 also has an expandable memory option that permits the user to add a MicroSD type memory card to expand the memory capabilities of the mobile phone further. It is also possible for the user to use Bluetooth wireless technology in connecting to other Bluetooth devices that provide a wire free connection between the compatible devices.

The Samsung U600 helps the user in downloading the favourite ringtones that could be heard in MP3 or polyphonic format depending on their tastes and preferences. This slim mobile handset also has an integrated music player that could play all popular music formats allowing the user to enjoy a full music experience on the mobile handset. This mobile phone from the lineage of Samsung comes with an easy to use built in phone book that could store enough contacts name and numbers making the accessing easy. Samsung U600 also has various other features including a clock, an alarm, stopwatch and timer.