Samsung U600 - Class and Sophistication

By Alden Jerry
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Samsung U600 is part of the Ultra Edition line of Samsung mobiles. The handset, also known as Ultra Edition 10.9; satisfies almost all of the desires and wishes of any discerning mobile connoisseur. This wonderful and innovative handset has a slide open design; and its hi-tech features and functionalities is making the handset a favourite amongst mobile phone users throughout the world. A fun handset to own, it is making its presence felt and is already leading the latest pack of mobile phones in the world market.

This multimedia phone comes with an integrated MP3 player that is capable of generating high quality sound and makes listening to music an even more pleasurable affair. The convenience and ease of use is what makes the music player in this handset a success. The music options of the mobile phone can be personalised and set according to your wish and preference. Finding music in the Samsung U600 is quite easy as it lets the users add music files to different folders as well as sort tracks in accordance with their preference.

The sound quality of the system is impressive to say the least. The headphones that are included in the box provide the listeners with a musical experience that they would always want to prolong. The headphones of the phone also double up as an antenna for the radio functions of the handset. However, the headphone function is dependable on the connection that the user decides to go with.

The other thing that instantly draws your attention in the U600 is the camera function. The 3.2 Mega Pixel camera comes complete with autofocus and flash. It comes in handy whenever you wish to capture forever the wonderful moments of your life. The camera option can be activated either through the menu or through the dedicated camera key that is placed at the side of the handset.