Samsung U600 - Ultra Slim Mobile With Multimedia Capabilities

By Alice Erin
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Samsung U600 is a mobile phone from the Ultra Edition line of Samsung mobiles. The handset is also known as Samsung Ultra Edition 10.9; it is at the moment satisfying quite a lot of inherent desires of a typical mobile phone user. This innovative handset comes in a slide open design; and its advanced features and sophisticated capabilities is making the handset quite popular among mobile phone users in different parts of the globe. A fun handset to own and acquire, the mobile phone is making its presence felt in the mobile telecommunications domain.

SGH-U600 multimedia phone comes with an integrated MP3 player that generates high quality sound and makes music all the more mesmerizing. Ease of use is another feature of the in-built media player. The music options of the mobile phone can be personalized. Users can add music files to different folders as well as sort tracks according to their convenience. This means that finding music in the Samsung U600 mobile phone is quite easy and free of unnecessary complications.

The quality of sound is impressive; and with the included headphones, listening to music on the U600 mobile phone is an experience that people would be less likely to forget for a long time.
The headphones of the phone also doubles up as an antenna for the radio functions of the SGH-U600 handset. However, the option of using headphones is limited to the mobile being used with special connections.

The camera options of the Samsung U600 are no less amazing. The handset comes with an integrated 3.2 megapixel digital camera with auto focus and flash. The camera can be activated in two different ways; one can activate the camera options using the menu. One can even use the dedicated camera key that is placed on the side of the phone to capture memorable moments from life.