Samsung Tocco Lite - Bargain Basement Brilliance!

By Jovana Duhaylungsod
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Introduced specifically to tackle the best selling LG Cookie, the Samsung Tocco Lite is a superbly equipped smartphone that comes at a stunning price. Identical in size and very similar in specification to its rival, the Tocco Lite is very much one for the shortlist and is highly recommended by many reviewers.

Tell me about it

The Tocco Lite is no basic phone for it comes complete with many of the features you would expect on much more expensive handsets. However, there is one drawback that does hamper it a little, and that is the lack of 3G connectivity. While this is not the killer blow that rivals may be looking for it is a slight disappointment when it comes to web browsing, and it is essential that buyers know that they are not getting full 3G when they opt to buy the handset.

In looks it is a pretty device that even mimics the LG Cookie and it is also nice to handle and feels well made; you get the full screen of widgets that are as familiar as the days now an there is a distinct emphasis on the social networking sites that are all the rage. The three inch screen is very clear and bright and is perfectly big enough for most, and the phone features a virtual full keyboard that is easy to use thanks to the excellent and very responsive touch screen technology.

What else is there to like?

Quite a bit as it happens! The Tocco Lite features everything that its main rival does and does it pretty well; a 3.2 megapixel camera is never going to set the world alight but in this price range is perfectly adequate, and with Samsung 'Smile Shot' there is added functionality. The camcorder is simple and straightforward but great for quick clips and the music player, supporting MP3 and coming with an equaliser and 3D surround sound, is pretty good for a phone at such a budget price.

You can take memory up to 16GB with a card and you get Bluetooth and USB connectivity, but this brings us back to the lack of 3G and - more importantly for some - also Wi-Fi. These two omissions will undoubtedly put some people off, but to dismiss it completely because of them is to miss the point that this is a very cheap phone that does plenty otherwise. It also features pretty decent battery life, partly as a result of the reduced capability.

Do I want one?

That depends on what you are looking for in a phone; if you want a good looking, well specified mobile phone at an excellent price and with very good functions you might want to take a look at the Tocco Lite as a viable option. If you are looking for something meatier and more powerful you may want to look up the ladder and consider paying a little more. All in all a good phone for the price - it scores 4/5 with us.

The Samsung Tocco Lite is still a great phone to get. It has all the basic needs and touchscreen functionality while being affordable. Also, you can save money buy getting free laptop contracts on trusted deal sites.