Samsung U900 Soul - A Device That Connects Harmoniously

By Samuel Herrick
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The Samsung U900 soul is known for its music playing capability. This mobile has extraordinary features that enable people to use it for entertainment as well as connectivity reasons. The handset functions on 2G and 3 G networks. The users find these networks very useful for they bring the latest facilities to users. This gadget is capable of making use of GSM network and so people can stay connected with it from any place of the world.

Samsung U900 soul has a display screen where one can see images videos and pictures. The users can surf the internet on this screen. The users can also play games, watch video clips and see pictures on this screen. The screen of the mobile also enables people to access every functionality of the phone with ease. Playing games on the device is very entertaining and users remain fascinated by its charm.

The mobile has very innovative connectivity options. People can make use of options such as GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, 3G and USB to connect with others. The Bluetooth option allows people to connect with others wirelessly. The users can send files very easily with this option. Then there are also other options such as USB port that enables people to transfer files by means of wired cords. People can send files in bulk with this option.

The messaging option in the handset is exalted with SMS, MMS, EMS and emails. These services allow people to send text, images and even sound while sending a message. The users can stay connected with these options.

The users of the phone can also make use of the handset for entertainment purposes. The mobile has a 5 MP camera that is capable of giving a resolution of 2560 E 1920 pixels. This camera is capable of capturing pictures and videos at very high resolution. The users can also make use of the music player to play scintillating music and songs. One can also make use of the FM radio to play fascinating radio programs. The listeners are also entertained by the radio jockey with jokes and information about latest happenings.

The WAP browser of the mobile is used to surf the internet at high speed. The users can open various websites and download programs that are needed. These can range from entertainment to information related files. One can also download the latest games. The games can be played on the device that help people to entertain themselves whenever they have free time.

The looks of the samsung U900 soul handset attracts people and so everyone simply wants to buy this mobile. It measures 105 x 49.5 x 12.9 mm and weighs 112 gms. The dimensions make the handset very compact. People also can carry it with ease. The mobile is one of its kind with an extended memory support. The device has 128 MB shared memory with a card slot that allows storage of large number of files.

Supported by a Li-ion battery that gives standby time of 407 hrs and talk-time of 6 hr 25 mins, the users find the handset very useful for connecting with others. With this battery run time, users find it possible for them to use the handset for entertainment reasons. It can be used to connect for a long duration of time and users can also play games and use the camera without fear of the battery charge getting elapsed soon.